At the age of just 18 years old, Adam Small has emerged as a fresh face among designers coming out of Canada. Growing up an artist, Adam gained a strong interest for fashion at a young age. At 14 he created a streetwear label called Atomik Studios and sold screen printed sweatshirts and limited runs of cut and sew pieces to Winnipeg’s youth. Although the brand was successful, Adam’s ambitions as a designer grew pasted the minimal aesthetic he had created for Atomik. He began making more experimental custom garments by hand and posting them to his social media. This shift was the stepping stone for what his brand would evolve into today. Adam Small creates custom garments for artists and clientele across the globe, from the prairies to Paris. Each design is extremely exclusive and is normally limited to between 1-5 pieces. Although his streetwear roots are apparent, he doesn’t shy away from taking a more progressive approach to his pieces.